Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mass Video Blaster- 2013 cracked

Let's be frank right from the start,

It's not easy to get a ton of views on just any old video

That's the bad news.

The good news is that good and fresh videos can easily get 200.000 views per month.
Every day there are hundreds of new Viral Videos on the web, just imagine how much money you could make if you owned such videos...
What if you could easily download all the best performing videos, re-tag them, SEO optimize the descriptions, fine tune everything about them and then easily upload them across multiple accounts?
It's split testing on steroids!!! Watch for best performers, download them, blast them across multiple accounts!!

Mass Video Blaster Can Do Hours Worth Of Work...

Literally in MINUTES!

What used to take 3-4 hours creating and submitting videos now takes minutes…that’s right,MINUTES!

Mass Video Blaster let you upload videos from YouTube, whether it’s about the hottest video game to hit the market, some sweet a** music video, the newest diet or weight loss product on the market, latest movie trailers , or any video that you can think of, dosen’t matter.

You can mass download videos, watermark them with your website, and re-upload all of them within a matter of minutes…

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